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    1- Eligibility


    2- Nominee Information


    3- Award Categories

    Small-sized exporter to the U.S. under AGOA (annual turnover < ZAR40M)Medium-sized exporter to the U.S. under AGOA (annual turnover ZAR40M - ZAR150M)Large-sized exporter to the U.S. under AGOA (annual turnover > ZAR150M)Female-owned exporter to the U.S under AGOAYouth-owned exporter to the U.S under AGOA (under 35 years of age)Black-owned enterprise exporter to the U.S under AGOA

    4- Selection Criteria

    Please answer all questions below in as much detail as possible

    Provide details on innovative practices that you are most proud of, such as the use of technologies, development of industry-leading or industry-changing practices or products, etc.*


    Market Development
    Provide details on your export go-to market strategy, results (value or volume), etc. and any specific export related achievement you wish to share.*


    People and Culture
    Describe your achievements in terms of job creation (citizen and non-citizen where required) and supporting skills development.*


    Strategic Business
    Practices Provide details regarding your leadership team strengths, compliance with relevant laws (labour, tax, environmental, health & safety), use of recognized quality management standards and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).*


    5- Financial